Austin Church of Christ (Christian)

Home of the Ten Commandments on Oakland Avenue

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Weekly Services

  • Sunday, 9:00 AM - Bible Study for all ages, adults included.
  • Sunday, 10:00 AM - Worship Hour
    Biblical preaching, weekly Communion, mostly traditional music with some contemporary.
  • Wednesday, 9:00 AM - Adult Bible Study & Prayer


Dr. Stephen DeFor

Ten Commandments display on Oakland Avenue

  • Driving West in the 200 block of Oakland Avenue look on the left just past Home Federal Savings for replicas of two large stone tablets on the side of the building. 

  • Even though the courts are ordering the removal of displays of the Ten Commandments from court houses, schools, city parks and the like, our church decided to display them in a place where everyone can continue to see them and be reminded of God's great words to guide the lives of everyone.

  • Jesus summarized the 10 into a single statement, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind and your neighbor as yourself."

We study the Scriptures intending to do
what the Bible tells us to do,
the way the Bible tells us to do it.

What kind of church is this?

LeRoy Lawson

PhD, Vanderbilt University & President,
Hope International University, 1990-2003

What we Stand For

James A. Garfield, 1831-1881

20th President,
United States of America